How to clean a fish tank glass


How to clean a fish tank glass


Cleaning your aquarium’s or fish tank glass is key if you want your fish to stay healthy and live as long as possible, but you can’t just clean it with dish soap and water. Soap residue is extremely difficult to rinse off completely, and it can kill your fish. Make sure you set aside some time every two to three weeks to give your aquarium glass a good cleaning.

Step One

Get a large, clean container to use when cleaning your aquarium glass. Do not use this container for anything else. Fill it with tap water and allow it to sit for one day. This will reduce the chlorine levels in the water so that they are safe for your fish.

Step Two

Use a bowl to scoop out some of the aquarium water. Then take your fish net and remove your fish by placing them in the bowl. This will keep them safe until your glass is clean.

Step Three

Remove half of the water in your aquarium so that you can access the inside glass walls better.

Step Four

Use an algae scraper on the inside glass walls of your aquarium. This will get rid of any algae or bacteria that has begun to grow on your aquarium walls.

Step Five

Take the water that you set out for 24 hours and pour it in to the fish tank. You don't want to put the old water back in since it is dirty and you just cleaned the glass.

Step Six

Clean the outside of your fish tank with some glass cleaner and a paper towel. Spray the cleaner onto the paper towels away from the tank. Never clean the inside of your aquarium or fish tank with glass cleaner. The glass cleaner will leave the outside of the aquarium sparkling, with no streaks, allowing for better viewing.


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