Windows To Your Home’s Soul


We all know the eyes are windows to the soul. In the same ways, windows are quite literally the windows to your home’s soul. Even so, many of us neglect this important feature. We spend hours getting every room right. But, do we give our windows the attention they deserve? It’s time to sit up and take note of how important your windows are. The best way to get the most of them is to incorporate them as a feature into each room. But, windows are good for more than looks! Getting them right can also save money on bills, and more!

If you’ve never paid much mind to your windows before, you might be unsure how to make the most of them. That’s why we’ve written this useful guide.


The first thing to consider is what kind of windows you need. If you’ve never considered before, research will help. Find out your options. Choose from windows that open from the side and windows that open from the bottom. Decide whether it’s worth investing in sash windows, or windows with ornate frames. If you have a clear window in your bathroom, it might be worth replacing it with frosted glass. Changing your windows may seem like a lot of work, but it will add value to your home.

If you don’t have double glazing, it’s also worth considering. It’ll soon pay for itself. A lot of heat escapes from your windows. Double glazing will make a huge difference to the amount of heat you lose! Think, too, about which frames you would like on your windows. Again, this is something few people ever think about. Even so, you can choose between plastic and wooden frames. Take the style of your home into account to ensure you make the right choice!


We’re all familiar with the power of home decoration. Have you ever thought about decorating your windows? Maybe not. Now is the time to start, though. Placing decoration around your windows is the best way to turn them into features. Again, consider the decoration in the rest of the room to make sure your windows match. The most important decoration element to get right is the curtains. The easiest option here is to invest in ready made curtains. Look out for patterns and types that would look right. Think, too, about the thickness of your choice. Again, this will save you from losing heat through your windows! If you have unusually shaped windows, you may have to invest in a custom made option. Or, you could make your own. If you choose this option, make sure to do it right. You’ll need to reinforce your curtains with a backing to ensure they’re sturdy enough to last! If curtains aren’t your cup of tea, look into the alternatives. Blinds are another fantastic option. Again, take a look at your options so that you can make an informed decision.

As well as getting the inside of your windows right, you should spend a little time on the external. This is the part of your windows that most people will see, after all. There are a variety of ways to make your windows look fantastic on the outside. You could paint the frames an unusual color. This is a sure way to make your windows stand out. If you opt for this, make sure you buy the right type of paint. You want weatherproof paint that isn’t going to peel! It’s also worth investing in additions like window boxes and shutters. These would look fantastic with your painted window frames! Hand pick the flowers you include in your window box. Match the colors with the color scheme of your home!

Your windows may be the window to your home’s soul, but they’re also the weak point in your house’s armor. Many thieves use windows as their way into a house. That’s why it’s important you get wise with security when it comes to your windows. Invest in motion sensors and window alarms. That way, you’re alerted the moment someone touches your windows.If you feel it’s necessary, you could even invest in window locks. Bear in mind that these won’t stop someone breaking the glass. They will make it harder for a thief to get in. Make sure, too, that you draw your curtains the moment it gets dark outside. Leaving them open will allow potential criminals to see everything your home has to offer.


Blog Posted: 16th February 2017.


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