Your DIY Guide to Sprucing Up Your Kerb Appeal


Kerb appeal is important for more than just selling your house. You deserve to love your property and more importantly feel proud of it every time you come home. Boosting your kerb appeal can also spur your neighbours to do the same, and in turn, increase the value of your neighbourhood for everyone involved. 

For now, however, the only person you need to worry about is yourself. Do you like your building’s exterior? Do you feel happy when you see it, or slightly disgusted? Do you take a moment to enjoy your home or do you rush in as soon as possible to put the dishevelled front behind you? 

Improving your kerb appeal is easy, and even fun to do, so long as you follow these steps: 

Professionally Inspect Your Exterior 

Before you get carried away with aesthetic fixes, you first need to bring someone in to inspect your exterior. Get the cracks along your exterior wall checked out. See what that water stain is caused by, and get someone in to give your roof a check-up. If you haven’t ever had it inspected or repaired, now is the time. Your roof’s health is imperative to your quality of living, and leaving it to rot will only increase the costs down the line. When it comes to choosing a company to inspect and repair your roof, however, you will want to choose experts. You want a company that offers a variety of services and has several decades of experience in the industry, like these roofers in Huddersfield. They can provide re-roofing, flat roof repair, chimney repair, lead works, and gutter repairs for you. 

Get the Necessary Fixes and Maintenance Updates 

Whatever the issue the inspector believes is wrong with your home, get it fixed. Small repairs now are much more cost effective than huge issues later. 

Repaint or Clean 

Once your property is back up to standard, it’s time to beautify it. To start, you will want to look into getting it professionally cleaned. This could be with a power wash, or with a new lick of paint. When repainting you will want to ensure that the old paint is sanded down so that the new paint doesn’t quickly flake off. 

To really spruce up your home, however, try repainting the trimmings or door. This way you can really pull your property together and make it look new. 

Put Effort Into Your Landscaping 

Landscaping is where your property will really shine, so invest some time into your front garden. It’s okay even if you just want to grow a hedge along the pavement so that you get a more private experience at home, so long as those hedges are well maintained and you like how it looks inside your property line. 

Add Decorative Elements 

Last but not least, remember to add in some beautiful decorative elements. Get a pretty house number sign to put up on your property, or replace the external lights on your property to something that suits the aesthetic you are going for. You can add flower pots and other decorative elements as well, so long as it looks put together and you feel great when you look at it. 


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