Prom Season: Tips On How You Can Afford That Limo Service


Prom has become a monumental moment for high school students; a time for a much needed break from teenage responsibilities in return for a glamorous night out. In order to create an unforgettable experience, it’s important to plan early in advance for certain special requests, such as renting a limousine for your friend group. Securing a limo for prom should require a bit of research and planning.

Here are some tips to help make your limousine rental affordable and being an overall easier process for your special night.

1.) Roll Call: Before researching various limousine companies, the prom friend group should be established early on. Figure out an estimate number of people who will likely be participating, and make sure all parties are aware. Getting the general number of passengers ahead of time will leave room for various booking choices and available prices while also being easier to deal with possible last minute changes.

2.) Ask Questions:To begin your search for the perfect prom limo, it’s preferred to read reviews for more than one company in your area to find the best possible choice. Once you’ve found a comparable company, prior to booking your desired limo, don’t be afraid to ask important questions regarding available deals, amenities, and safety regulations/ limo insurance. This will make for a much less stressful experience during this hectic planning time. Be as specific as possible, have your teen be involved with picking any special amenities that fit into your budget.  ~ For example, the limo company Price 4 Limo Service offers features perfect for the ride to prom such as disco lights, premium audio systems, and even flat screen TVs. Of course, all types of limos offer different features, so taking the time to find the right limo for your teen prom group will make for a special event.

3.) Less Pre-prom, More Prom:While pre-prom photos are an important and fun part of the experience, think about using your time and money wisely by keeping them short and sweet. Once the limo has arrived, the time between photos and driving to the prom are limited. To make the pre-prom event go smoothly, prepare for the photos ahead of time and try to get the majority before the limo arrives so more time can be spent enjoying the ride to prom.

4.) Getting to the After Party:So you’ve taken pre-prom pictures, you’ve ridden to prom safely and had a blast, so what’s next? The rest of the night will most likely consist of an after-party or sleepover that requires your rented limo, continuing the celebration. Making sure your limo is booked beyond the prom’s ending time will guarantee an easier travel excursion for your teen friend group.

5.) The Prom Promise:Most limo services will have the teen passengers sign a document stating that there will be no underage drinking/drugs anywhere near the prom festivities. This gives the limo company the right to contact the parents of any teen who breaks the “prom promise” while also canceling the limo service, giving the prom goers a stronger, more concrete consequence for any possible illegal behavior.

A Night to Remember

Preparing for the big night for your high school teen can become overwhelming, just remember to begin planning ahead to ensure a fun, special, and safe night for them to thrive and talk about for years to come. Booking the limo that’s right for your group of teens and your budget is much easier than it may seem, so do your research and enjoy these exciting times!


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