How to Freshen Up Your Style


If you want to look effortlessly stylish each season, you need to routinely reinvent your style. By updating your wardrobe, you can continue to feel stylish for longer, without getting bored of your current garments. This is a simple way to add excitement into your life.

If you are tired of adorning the same old clothing designs and colours and want to inject some much-needed personality into your wardrobe, now is the perfect time to overhaul your look.

To ensure you are brimming with confidence each day, check out these top tips on how to freshen up your style.

Try New Colours

Review your wardrobe to identify any missing colours in your style. For example, rather than buying another white or black outfit, add a little vibrancy into your look by incorporating brighter hues, such as red, orange, or green. Consider the season when selecting colours and aim to find a shade to match your skin tone, which will ensure you grab others’ attention.

Invest in New Accessories

If you don’t have a large budget to alter your wardrobe, invest in new accessories to refresh the clothing you currently own. For example, a bold necklace can transform a simple little black dress, while a scarf and bracelets can add texture and colour to a plain white t-shirt. Look for beautiful pieces that will make an outfit pop.

Don a New Pair of Designer Glasses

If you want to develop a sophisticated, stylish look, don a new pair of glasses. For example, you can take your pick from attractive designer glasses from Mister Spex, which can complement your face shape and clothing style. You can guarantee people will take notice of your stylish glasses from Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry or Gucci, to name only a few.

Stick to Staples

If you are struggling to find an outfit to wear at the end of every season, it is a sign you are purchasing the wrong clothing for your needs. Instead, you should buy staple items that will allow you to mix and match different garments hanging in your wardrobe, and you will consequently develop a timeless look. For example, a cashmere jumper can look great when worn on its own, over a white shirt, or with a leather jacket.

Try a New Hairstyle

To effectively transform your style in 2019, consider treating yourself to a brand-new hairstyle, which will ensure you are beaming with confidence every day. For example, you could:

  • Change your hair colour
  • Opt for a fringe
  • Invest in hair extensions
  • Request a bob

The options are endless. If in doubt, talk to a hairdresser about a look that will perfectly complement your face shape, or flip through various hair and beauty magazines for inspiration.

Shake Up Your Shoes

If you want to transform the look of an old outfit, invest in a new pair of shoes. For example, a pair of heels can add instant glamour into your style, so it is perfect for dressing up a white blouse with black skinny jeans. However, if you want to develop a casual style, a pair of white trainers could complement a summer dress or t-shirt.


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