How Gardening Is Different In Australia


Gardening is an art form or a beneficial hobby that needs to be picked up at one point in your lifetime. Gardening is known to reduce stress, improve your health by growing organic edible plants, connect you with nature, and it’s very fun!

In order to start a garden in your backyard, you need to understand soil, what plants are easier to maintain and weather conditions. Gardening in Australia is very popular because you can care for your plants all year long as well as garden indigenous native plants. It’s never a bad idea too to get some professional help to start you off, or even to maintain the quality of your garden from time to time. According to the pros at, ‘’Every garden needs that special kind of attention for it to grow beautifully.” There are some things that you’re better off letting a pro doing, such as gutter cleaning and green water removal.

But what is it that makes gardening in Australia so unique? Below are various tips on how gardening in Australia is fun and different.

Choosing your garden style

The first thing you need to do is choose the type and style of your garden and purpose. Gardening may be a fun activity, but choosing a purpose is highly needed as well. Are you gardening to upkeep your favorite flowers or are you gardening organic edibles? There’s a variety to choose from. You can also choose the style of your garden, whether it’s a simple potted plant’s range, a vegetable patch or a climate change garden. You can always ask the professionals to help you out with this decision.

Using indigenous plants

The beauty of gardening in Australia is that you can use native plants because they’re unique, require little maintenance and suitable for the environment because they can survive harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfall. They also don’t really need fertilizing and only need to be watered a couple of times a year unless its summer. Indigenous plants are also capable of growing in unmaintained local soil.

Many plants survive the heat

What’s great about Australia is how many plants have the ability to survive during hot and dry months. Most native plants or plants like thyme or rosemary manage to thrive during the heat if watered correctly. With the right amount of moisturizing, many of your plants can lead a healthy lifestyle. You can also help in making any other plants withstand the heat by protecting them with shading and cooling methods.

Winter is not a dead month for gardening

Many believe that growing vegetable is a seasonal task. However, a variety of herbs and vegetables can actually survive in cold climates. Higher ground lands in Australia with a cool winter climate can host a number of plants like mint, oregano, parsley, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and many more. Just make sure that your plants are getting direct sunlight, even if it’s the winter sun, and you can protect them from frost overnight with a sheath blanket-like an umbrella. You can spend the winter preparing many plants over periods of time, so by springtime, plants can easily flourish.

The benefits of Organic Farming

It’s always wise to limit your exposure to artificial chemicals that are found in packaged food. Eating organically is highly beneficial to your health and everyone knows that home-grown vegetables are extremely tasty and fresh. Gardening organic fruits or vegetables will save you a ton of money as opposed to the expensive price organic food is sold. Australia is home to many organic farms that encourage people to eat home-grown food.

Companion Planting

Companion planting is a gardening method that allows plants to be codependent and grow together. They will help each other grow, enhance flavor, repel nasty pests, and increases life-span of the plants. Companion planting is successful in Australia as long as you got the right partnership planned. For example, plant basil with tomatoes because it’s said that it enhances flavors and basil actually repels mosquitoes and flies.

Use your green thumb

Australia with its tropical weather, cold winters and dry heat is an interestingly great place for planting a garden. There are many tips and tricks you can do there differently than any other country. Get that shovel ready along with your green thumb and transform your backyard into a calming garden space.


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