Types of Block Paving


Since its inception, block paving has become a popular choice for driveway across the world. This is all thanks to its amazing aesthetic appeal and durable qualities. Also, it comes with a deluge of varying colours, designs, and sizes, allowing you to get access to a wide array of designs and/or combinations.

If you are interested in block paving Essex, or you have already decided on gardeners Essex to move forward with, then it is time you learn about the different types of block paving. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

  1. Driveline Metro

An innovating and linear paving, this one right here offers you with a distinctive and contemporary look. Known for its lightly-textured finish, Driveline Metro is all about exposing the premium aggregates by being “washed.” It is also available in four complementary colours, namely, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Rose, and Maroon. Also, you have the option to either lay these colours individually or put them in a number of different combinations.

  1. Driveline 50

Driveline 50 is best known for its durability and quality, making your investment last for more years to come. With its great value and an interesting slew of vibrant colours, you can easily get that all-round traditional design. Driveline 50 comes with a much-improved finish and texture and is also available in a variety of colours. Interestingly, these colour options are consistent all throughout the block. You also have the option to blend this type of block paving together, allowing you to create unique designs and/or patterns.

  1. Driveline Nova

Driveline Nova is popular for its utilization of the Surface Performance Technology, which gives you the confidence that you are getting a superior and top-notch driveway product. With its innovative mixture of colours across each block, you can get access to a more unique finish and an incredibly stunning driveway project. It is also the perfect type of block paving that you can use to complement the overall design of your house, giving your property a unified aesthetic appeal.

  1. Driveset Argent

Not only known for its attractiveness, but the Driveset Argent is also a very affordable alternative. But perhaps the best thing about it is its ability to provide you with a lesser carbon footprint. This type of block paving is also available in contemporary colours alongside a variety of sizes, all of which are laid in random courses. The diversity it brings to the table gives your property a more individual look, one that your neighbours will surely envy.

  1. Driveline Nova Coarse

Are you interested in a larger size unit? Do you want to introduce high-quality finish to your property? Well, if your answer is “yes, then there is no doubt Driveline Nova Coarse is going to be an ideal option to move forward with. It is the best alternative to smooth and/or contrasting option, and it even comes with two different colours. As a result, you are able to come up with a more unique modern design. With its way of blending textures together, you can create a more subtle colour combination throughout the block.

  1. Drivesett Coppice

With Drivesett Coppice, you can easily create a unique and prestigious driveway. It is a go-to choice for those who want to achieve a beautiful aesthetic without breaking the wallet. With its innovative blend of colours, you can easily coordinate the design with the type of house you have. It comes with a riven surface topped with aged-edge detail, making Drivesett Coppice the ideal choice. Even more so, it is a premium driveway product thanks to the use of Surface Performance Technology.

  1. Drivesett Deco

If you are interested in creating a Victorian style paving to your property, then you should consider the Drivesett Deco. It is your best option if you want to give your path a stylish and traditional element. Since its blocks are quite versatile, you can add a perfect edging feature to your property with ease. It also gives you a classic path which allows this type of block paving to suit almost any type of house.

  1. Drivesett Natrale

Drivesett Natrale is perfect for those who are in a shoestring budget. Despite being affordable, it can easily obtain the effect of a split natural stone surface texture. It comes with warm colours and at least three block sizes, allowing it to be a great option for random designs and stunning durable driveway projects.


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