Making the Most from Using Statement Tile in Your Home


Tile continues to be one of the leading materials for home decoration. Whether based from ceramic or stone, its versatility is unmatched as technology continues to advance within the tile manufacturing industry. Gianni Mattioli, executive vice president of Dal-Tile, has stated; “Through digital printing we can combine the benefits of tile with the beauty of other products, such as wood, marble, stone, masonry and concrete.” Choices are limitless, so it’s important to know what aspect of statement tile you want to take advantage of during your next home renovation.

Installation Tips

Installing statement tile is a fairly simple process, but there are some techniques out there than can make the experience quick and reduce the possibility for any mistakes to happen. Large tile requires their backs to be sufficiently buttered in order to properly adhere to a surface. When setting smaller mosaic tiles, patting them down with a woodblock will help with leveling them. It’s also recommended to purchase grout that’s been recently manufactured, since they’re developed to cure quickly and are resistant to mold and mildew growth.

Thematic Focus

The tile pattern you end up choosing will set the mood for the entire room. Getting the most out of your tile means prioritizing a specific theme that will go on to influence the rest of the room’s decorum. Putting an emphasis on solid color composition is always an effective way of getting the right mood across. Grey continues to be one of the more popular color choices, since it’s versatile to arrange and pair with other soft-hued colors. Contrast in size and pattern between tile used for the floor and wall can add a dynamic edge, which is good for larger spaces. Using a range of modular tile sizes and shapes has become a growing trend, as hexagonal and other unconventional tile forms are being used by young homeowners.

What the Room Calls For

Certain room types can benefit from a particular pattern or style of tile. Small backsplash tiles are a staple of modern kitchen decorum, given their nuance and ability to highlight the room’s aesthetic without taking away from the style of more prominent design elements; such as chairs or the countertop. Given that bathrooms are generally small in size, utilizing a mirror to reflect a designated wall outfitted with tile is both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. Bathrooms also benefit from complementary or uniform patterns, since the small space can come off as claustrophobic if the design is too erratic. Matte finished tiles have become a staple to modern home design, and add a touch of elegance that’s fitting for in any space.

Tile’s reputation for its versatility and easy application make it a great pick for simple, but effective, home renovation. Make the most of your next home makeover project with statement tile that’s true to you and your home.


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