How to fix a broken chair leg


Wooden chair legs, over time, become susceptible to damage and weakening after years of wear and tear. Excessive leaning, scooting and moving wears down chair legs, causing the rungs to loosen and eventually pop out of their sockets. If you don’t want to resort to having to buy a new set of chairs just to appease the one with a broken leg, consider repairing the chair leg yourself. With the proper materials and supplies, you can put your chair back into good working order within a day.

Place the chair onto a table top at eye level. Use a dead blow hammer to break the joint apart and to gain access to the rung.

Sand down the rung with a fine grade sandpaper to remove any old glue. Blow out any debris that may be left inside the socket.

Dip a corner of a clean cloth into water and apply to the chair rung and socket. This helps the new glue bond to the wood.

Apply a layer of polyurethane glue around the chair rung. Pop the rung into the socket.

Brace the broken leg of the chair with an old belt. Place the belt over the broken leg and an adjacent leg. Tighten the belt in place. The belt acts as a clamp and helps stop the glue from expanding as it dries.

Drill a hole where the seat chair and the base of the broken chair meet. Apply a small amount of polyurethane glue in the hole to ensure the leg is stable.

Allow the glue to dry for at least 5 hours.


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