How to remove a tree


Tree trimming and tree removal can be expensive, unless you can do it your self. Axmen have been around since the beginning of time. There are many things that we would not be able to enjoy if it weren’t for the men who take on this dangerous occupation. Here are the steps to safely remove a tree.

There are many reputable tree services around. If you don't have a lot of experience, I suggest you contact a tree care service, who can do it for you.

The first step to removing a tree is to make sure that all your gear is in perfect working order. Make sure your ropes have no major tears and that your chain saw chains are sharpened and your chain saw is gassed and oiled. Test your saws to make sure they are idling and oiling properly.

The next step to safely remove a tree is to thrown your throwing ball through the main bough of the tree. A throwing ball is a long piece of line that is attached to a weighted ball. Using a throwing ball makes it easier to get your rope where you want it.

Attach your climbing rope to your throwing ball line and draw your climbing rope through the same bough. Now your climbing rope will be through the bough of the tree leading back to the ground.

Put on your saddle and spikes and climb to where your rope is at and begin to strip branches as you climb. Continue to spike to the top and trim the tree branches as you climb up the tree. Make sure you leave enough of a stub on each limb to be able to climb down.

Top or cut down, a manageable part of the tree, then begin to chunk down tree pieces as you come down. Have someone on the ground moving brush and cutting up wood into smaller pieces as you are working in the tree.

Once most of the tree is down, cut the stump as low as you can. If you want the entire stump gone, you can rent a stump grinder or hire a stump removal service to do the job.


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