What are the required tools for Plumbers & Pump Mechanics?


What are the required tools for Plumbers & Pump Mechanics?


Plumbers have a very wide assortment of tools that are used in their work. Along with the common assortment of screwdrivers and wrenches, plumbers must make use of several specialised plumbing tools. In order for a plumber to complete most basic plumbing jobs he will need to have access to several special wrenches, cutters, levels, jigsaws and sealants.

Step One

Wrenches - There are several wrenches that plumbers need. Several types of crescent wrenches are needed in order to loosen and tighten fittings. Pipe wrenches are needed to tighten and handle large sections of pipe and other fittings. Basin wrenches are needed to tighten bolts that are located in narrow or hard-to-reach areas.

Step Two

Tubing cutter - Tubing cutters are used to make clean cuts in copper tubing. Hacksaws and other cutting tools often leave sharp barbs and grit that can be very difficult to seal. Pipe cutters use a sharp wheel that spins around the pipe and slowly digs in to the metal, making a precise cut all the way around the pipe. Once pipes are cut, fittings and joints can be sealed.

Step Three

Levels - Levels help plumbers make sure that water will drain properly in the pipes once they are installed. Levels also help plumbers deduce the proper angle that pipes and fittings should be installed. Levels can also help plumbers determine where cuts need to be made in fixtures that are being upgraded.

Step Four

Jigsaws - Jigsaws are necessary to make cuts in old pipes in order to put in a new section. Jigsaws help make cuts in pipes that may otherwise be impossible due to space restraints. Jigsaws are also necessary for making cuts in pipes that are close to the wall or floor.

Step Five

Propane torch - A propane torch is needed to create leak-free joints with copper piping. Propane torches are used to melt the solder that fills the gaps on the piping.

Step Six

Sealants - There are several types of sealants plumbers use to complete leak-free jobs. Plumber's tape is one of the most important sealing tools that plumbers use on the threads of pipes and other connections. O-rings are another type of sealing tool that plumbers can use to seal joints. Most attachments come with their own o-rings, but often they are the wrong size or low quality. Having a good selection of o-rings will help plumbers complete quality jobs. Putty compounds and silicone caulk are other sealants plumbers need.


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