How to fix a jamming stapler


How to fix a jamming stapler


Staplers have eased office work for more than a century. Most offices and homes have a least one manual stapler that only seems to jam when you need it to work. Fix a jammed stapler using simple tools and a lot of patience. Buy a back up stapler for the times when you need a stapler that works.

Step One

Examine the cover of the main staple magazine. Make sure it is completely closed. Look to see if a staple is jammed in the machine.

Step Two

Try using the jammed stapler on a piece of scrap paper. Forcefully push the stapler head down to dislodge the jammed staple. Use the stapler a few times on the scrap paper to ensure it is working properly. If the manual stapler is still jammed, it is time to open the stapler.

Step Three

Open the stapler and remove the staples from the main staple magazine. Firmly grasp the cap of the main staple magazine and the bottom of the manual stapling mechanism. Pull both parts in opposite directions. Press the metal lever at the end of your stapler to release the magazine cap if your stapler has a metal release lever.

Step Four

Turn the stapler upside down and let the staples fall out of the magazine. Use a small screwdriver or metal stick to pry the staples from the machine if they do not fall out on their own. Look closely at the stapler to see if a staple is jammed in the end of the magazine. Use a screwdriver or needle-nosed pliers to remove the jammed staple.

Step Five

Replace the staples in the main staple magazine. Use new staples if the old ones appear damaged or are the wrong size for the stapler. Check the interior of the stapler for instructions on the correct size of staples to use in your machine. To prevent jamming try not to overload the stapler.

Step Six

Check the magazine tension spring for damage. If the spring is loose, attempt to reattach the spring to the metal pressure mechanism. Contact the manual staple manufacturer if the metal pressure mechanism no longer works. Close the magazine cap and try to staple a scrap piece of paper. Use the staple several times to make sure it works properly.


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