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Hurghada is already a hot spot for tourists, and European holiday makers. The town has all the facilities you would expect from a holiday resort, including restaurants, diving schools, hotels, long sandy beaches and more.

Hurghada stretches for about 40 km along the shore of Red Sea.

Egypt’s benevolent all year round climate, (Average lowest temperature each year is 23C (75f) A vast range of activities and exhilarating atmosphere make it an extremely attractive destination for those who seek a holiday, retirement or investment property with a twelve month season.

Winter sun rating 10/10 – no clouds here! The Sun always shines in Egypt

Diving amongst the Red Sea Coral reefs in the sunny Red Sea Riviera is second only to the Australian Barrier reef for spectacular underwater life.

The Coral reefs are only equaled by the barrier reef of Australia’s Gold Coast for their endless variety of fish and underwater sea life.

Egypt is renowned for its sandy white beaches and deep turquoise waters which stretch from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, and for the warm and friendliness of the Egyptian people. The warm waves of the water engulf you whether you are bathing on the sandy shores or exploring the depths of Coral Reefs of Sharm El Sheikh , Hurghada and Marsa Alam The breezy winds coupled with the warm waters of the Red Sea offer the optimum environment for swimming, snorkling, diving, sailing, para-sailing or select from a vast array of sea activities that are sure to keep you basking in the sun all day, plus 18 hole golf courses.

Until a few years ago Hurghada had remained a small fishing village. But today, Hurghada counts 40.000 inhabitants and is divided into three parts. Downtown (El Dahar) the old part and (Sekalla) which the second modern part, and then (El Korra Road) which the most modern part of the city.



The Magnificent offshore reefs teem with a rainbow of marine life and rank amongst the `Top 5` dive sites in the world. Lying off the beaches are more than 30 small islands and islets and innumerable coral reefs, some of them rising from great depths. With their abundance of marine plant and animal life these are a paradise for divers and fishermen.

El Gouna – artificially created and privately owned luxury hotel town about 25 km north of Hurghada. Its beauty comes not only from its quietness and cleanliness but also from the fact that the town consists of several islands separated by channels and connected by bridges.

Glass bottom boats. – The warm waters here are ideal for many varieties of rare fish and coral reefs, which may also be observed through glass bottom boats.

Desert Safari – Many hotels run an inland safari, why not experience the desert on these guided tours. Visit a  Bedouin village for a cup of sweet tea and try their herbal remedies.

Giftun Island  – Take a boat out to Giftun Island and explore the scenic underwater world, it is perfect for snorkelling and just living it up.

Luxor – Take one of the many  trips outside Hurgarda to Luxor
Once the ancient city of Thebes and powerhouse of upper Egypt, Luxor has grown into a large town, awash with hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops, with most of its economy coming from tourism.
A highlight is the Karnak Temple and of course the Valley of the Kings where you will see the tombs of the ancient Pharaohs including Tutankhamun


How to get there


Egypt’s national air carrier is EgyptAir,

There are daily flights from Europe and domestic flights from Cairo and Luxor.



506km from Cairo hire a car if you are used to Desert Driving!



The rail connects just about every town in the country from Aswan to Alexandria.



There is a high-speed ferry a few times a week going from Sharm el Sheik to Hurghada. It can take anything from between 1.5hours to 3hours.



Buses service virtually every town in Egypt.

Minibuses are becoming popular as service taxis or microbuses, and they usually congregate at the train and bus stations. The drivers wait until they’re full (very full!) before they budge.

In Hurghada, you can’t help but notice the omnipresent mini-bus. It seems they are everywhere, honking persistently careening to a stop in front of virtually every pedestrian, but the benefit of this fleet of mini-buses is that you can get anywhere in town cheaply and efficiently and rarely have to wait more than thirty seconds to board one. When you want to get out, just say loudly, “Stop here, please.” Give the driver or his assistant in the back, the money.


Each region has its own festivals which are closely linked with the Muslim culture of Egypt.

International Fishing Tournament – Hurghada – February


Eating  Dining  Shopping

Nearby are a host of air-cooled international restaurants serve some of the finest cuisine in the country, offering Egyptian, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian and Mexican from menus that proclaim, “Enjoy your dining in Egypt – the land of the year-round summer”.

Learn to haggle the Arab way – DO NOT PAY THE FIRST PRICE OFFERED. You can buy anything from papyrus leather goods, jewelry, special perfumes and the usual souvenirs.



The city was founded in the early 20th century and since the 1980s continually enlarged by American, European, and Arabian investors. Until a few years ago it was remained a small fishing village. But today, Hurghada counts 40.000 inhabitants and is divided into three parts. Downtown (El Dahar) the old part and (Sekalla) which the second modern part, and then (El Korra Road) which the most modern part of the city.


Useful telephone numbers

Emergency Number Tel; 122

Airport Information Hurghada Tel; 344-2831

Train station:

Tourist Office: 444420

Holiday rents online:

National Transport Line




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