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How to replace taps

Replacing your bathroom water taps is a simple project for any homeowner. You may want to make a cosmetic change…


Get The Look: Luxury Bedroom

The bedroom is the best place to relax, and get away from the stresses of everyday life. It’s a cosy…


Which plants grow the tallest?

For a long-lasting and beautiful privacy hedge, plants just can’t be beat. There are varieties of evergreen and deciduous plants…


How to lay concrete patio slabs

A patio serves as a gathering for family members and friends for outdoor fun, barbecues and other gatherings. While there…


How to plant a laurel hedge

Plant Laurel hedging with Prunus laurocerasus! In this video he will show you how to plant a Laurel Hedge, how…


When to plant Wall flowers

Wallflowers, an old-fashioned English flower, come in a range of bright shades — yellows, oranges, reds and maroons — and…


What to feed a honeysuckle

The honeysuckle family (Lonicera spp.) consists of 180 species of shrubs and vines, producing fragrant showy flowers that are attractive…