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How to join plastic guttering

Plastic gutters have many advantages over aluminum and wood gutter systems. One of the many benefits is how easily average…


How to replace a garden lock

Replacing a garden lock is worthwhile—especially when it comes to your safety! Sometimes that includes changing the locks on your…


How to fix a broken awning

Awnings can perform several different functions. They can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters through a window, protect a…


How to lay Paving

Expert DIY and home improvement advice from on How to lay Paving. Tips and general advice on how to…


How to make a patio awning

A canopy or awning adds versatility to a patio, making it suitable for inclement weather and providing shade on sunny…


How to propagate dahlias

Every gardener knows that buying plants is a very expensive business. Luckily, nature has a very clever way of enabling…


How to stop dahlias tuber rot

Dahlias (Dahlia pinnata) are prized for their large, showy blooms. Native to Mexico, the flowers, which are available in a…


When to plant marigolds

Marigolds can easily be started from seed indoors in early spring or purchased as seedlings in late spring. With a…


How to propagate Fuchsias

Take cuttings of fuchsia in summer. Take cuttings as shown and insert into a moist mixture of peat and sand…


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