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How to fix a broken fence

Fences are installed in yards and along property lines to keep intruders out and pets in, as well as for…


How to fix uneven subfloor

If you are building a house or just installing new flooring in an old house, you must have a level…


How to Lift a Fence Gate

A fence gate needs to be lifted when the bottom edge of the latch side of the gate hangs lower…


How to lay Paving

Expert DIY and home improvement advice from on How to lay Paving. Tips and general advice on how to…


How to cultivate peppermint

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) is a native plant of England and a member of the large mint family. The herb…


How to make a garden in a bucket

Buckets can be an inexpensive and versatile way to garden. Vegetables, flowers and herbs can all be grown in buckets.…


When to plant Dianthus

Dianthus is a flowering plant belonging to the class of Caryophyllaceae. The plant takes its name from two Greek words…


How to grow Chard

Chard is also known as Swiss chard or silver beet, and is a truly nutritious vegetable. Chard leaves contain antioxidants…


How to fix a leaking garden pond

Pond liners occasionally leak. Finding the leak is difficult, but patching it is easy.Assuming your liner is rubber or EPDM…