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How to rent out property

If a job or family situation takes you away from home, consider renting out your home to offset all or…


How to fix a creaky gate

In the home –as in life–it’s often the little things that matter. And it’s amazing how many small structural things…


How to cultivate peppermint

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) is a native plant of England and a member of the large mint family. The herb…


How to plant a laurel hedge

Plant Laurel hedging with Prunus laurocerasus! In this video he will show you how to plant a Laurel Hedge, how…


How to propagate Wall Flowers

echnically speaking, all wallflowers are perennial; that is, they live for more than one or two years. However, they are…


How to fix a leaking garden pond

Pond liners occasionally leak. Finding the leak is difficult, but patching it is easy.Assuming your liner is rubber or EPDM…


Besides shelter, love, food and water, your dog also needs regular grooming. Just a little…