How to install a rotary washing line


How to install a rotary washing line


Rotary washing lines are perfect if you only have a small space in which to dry your laundry or if you do not want strings running the length and width of your garden. However, over time the the line can become damaged and will need to be replaced. Putting a new line on a rotary drier is not difficult, but you will need someone to help you, at least in the early stages to help support the arms.

Step One

Remove the old washing line from the rotary drier and discard. Take care when doing that the arms do not hit you as the line is all that holds the arms together.

Step Two

Check that the hooks that run along the arms are free from debris. When you removed the old line, damaged bits of it could well have been caught in the crevices and that will affect the tension of the new line.

Step Three

Attach the new washing line to a hook on the end of one of the arms of the rotary drier. Make sure that you knot it securely

Step Four

Get a friend to hold the next arm at the angle that it will need to be when fully extended and wrap the washing line around the hook on the end of that arm. When that has been secured, have your friend hold the next arm and wrap the line around the hook on the end of that arm. When all four arms have had the washing line attached to it, the structure will be more secure and you will probably be able to do the rest on your own.

Step Five

Work your way around the drier, wrapping the washing line around each of the the hooks in turn. Adjust the tension of the washing line as you go to make sure that it will be taut enough to take the weight of the clothes that will hang from it. Attach the washing line in a decreasing circle until you reach the last hook.

Step Six

Tie the washing line to the last hook. Make sure that the knot is secure and that the lines are tight.


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