How to play tennis like Roger Federer


How to play tennis like Roger Federer


Critics and fans alike widely recognize Roger Federer as one of the greatest tennis players who ever played the game. His power and vision make him an incredible attacker, while his determination and speed make him a tenacious defender. Playing tennis exactly like Roger Federer is impossible, but you can learn the basics of his game by following these steps.

Step One

Purchase a Wilson (K)Factor (K)Six-One Tour 90 tennis racket. This is Federer's stick of choice. He customizes his with weights and hybrid strings, but the basic racket's pretty much the same.

Step Two

Calm yourself down before stepping onto the court and keep cool during your match. Federer's clear head and even temper are trademarks of his game.

Step Three

Fix your grips. Roger hits his forehand with a semi-western grip, his topspin backhand with an eastern backhand grip, and his slice backhand and serve with a continental grip.

Step Four

Stay as fluid and relaxed as you can during your strokes. Because of his flexibility and balance, Roger's able to develop a ton of racket-head speed on all of his shots.

Step Five

Hit your topspin forehand from an open or semi-closed stance, but use a full shoulder during your windup to generate power.

Step Six

Go for accuracy instead of power on your serves. Roger can boom serves with the best of them, but it's his placement and spins that make his serve hard to break. Also, disguise your shots by using the same body motion for each serve.

Step Seven

Play your crosscourt slice backhand short in the court. By cutting these shots near the service line, Federer draws his opponent in and forces him to come up with a tough shot.

Step Eight

Be creative on the court. Roger uses strategy to construct points, but his real gift is for invention. Always keep an eye open for angles that your opponent isn't expecting and go for them when you can.


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