How To Organise Your Garden Areas This Summer


When you are looking for ways to make the most of your garden this summer, you need to think about what it is you want to use your garden for. You may want to grow some fruit and vegetables, or you may just want an area to dine al fresco. Barbecue areas are still very popular, but the type of barbecue you are looking for may determine the kind of area you create to house it. You may want a paved area or even a raised decking. Then you need to think about lighting the area so you can enjoy your garden all evening too.

The wonderful thing about growing your own plants, fruits and vegetables is that they cost so little and save you a trip out to the supermarket. For many home growers, the problem is having enough space for all the different varieties of produce that you want to grow. Fortunately, technology has progressed enough to allow us to grow successfully indoors. You can do it cheaply with LED lighting from somewhere like HydroGrow.


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There are plenty of ways you can organise your garden. Your growing area may want to take pride of place in a south facing spot that is reasonably sheltered from cold winds and frost. Your barbecue area will also want to be fairly sheltered from the wind to avoid flames being extinguished and smoke making it unpleasant. You can create lovely shaded areas for eating by using a gazebo. These are great if you want some privacy from close neighbours too.

If you are looking to install some decking, you need to factor in the cost of stain or wood protection each year. This also takes a bit of time depending on how big the area is that you will be decking. The great thing about decking is how good it looks, and how it makes the garden useable all year round by providing a mud-free zone for the kids to play out. Wood in the garden is aesthetically pleasing and makes for a lovely, relaxing feel.

If you are keeping some lawn, it is easy for it to become quickly overgrown. If your lawn is looking sorry for itself and has lots of unwanted weeds and other nasties, you may want to consider starting again with fresh topsoil and turf. A low maintenance alternative is faux grass, that should avoid the problem of a muddy lawn in winter and unwanted pests. It doesn’t require mowing and stays green through all the seasons. It looks so close to the real thing that it is a great alternative if you don’t want to maintain a good lawn.

After your planting, you may want a play area or seating area. Play areas are better with a soft ground surface in case of accidents. Play bark has fallen out of favour so you may want to consider other alternatives. For seating, a decking area can be very pleasant. A patio also makes a good level area for seating. You can use a fire pit or chiminea to keep warm as the sun goes down. Enjoy your garden this summer.

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