How to make your own purified water to clean your windows


How to make your own purified water to clean your windows


Our environment is filled with toxins and one of the biggest offenders in the toxin department is household cleaners. So I’ve been working for awhile to get and keep as many toxins as possible out of our home. I use homemade foaming soap, a natural dishwasher rinse aid, homemade “soft scrub” and even soap nuts instead of laundry detergent.
Today I am going to share with you one of my most favorite non toxic Home Care Products – Homemade Glass Cleaner.
I personally think that it is so important to get Home Care and Personal Care products that are toxin free so that we, our families, and our world can be a lot more healthy.

Step One

Ingredients; 1/4 cup white vinegar (apple cider vinegar will work as well), 1/4 cup isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, 1 Tbsp cornstarch (the cornstarch reduces streaking — anyone know why?), 2 cups water, 8-10 drops essential oil of choice (optional. Lemon, orange, or another citrus would be my choice here, but lavender or others would be nice as well.)

Step Two

Combine everything in a spray bottle (You can reuse the container you already have from your store bought glass cleaner. I had to buy one at a dollar store since we haven’t used glass cleaner in years :-)!)

Step Three

Shake well to mix.

Step Four

Spray onto glass surface and wipe clean.

Step Five

Shake well before using since the cornstarch might clog up your spray nozzle otherwise.

Step Six

You can use microfiber cloths or rags to wipe your surfaces clean. I prefer either those options or newspaper to paper towels since paper towels leave lint and are more wasteful.


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