Must Have Power Tools for Gardening Enthusiasts


From novice gardeners to crafty green thumbs, choosing and using the right power tools can make all the difference in your backyard. At first glance, these tasks can be quite complicated with all the variety and the brand of tools out there. But with a sound mind and a burning passion for the craft, you can build an efficient tool collection that will – at the very least – withstand your allotment contract.

With a little help from the diligent sprites operating the worldwide web, you’ll have plenty of power tool choices that will ease the brunt of your heavy-duty gardening tasks. Websites nowadays have come up with easy-on-the-eye treatment for its pages. Additionally, these e-commerce sites make it simple and fast for you to get your desired equipment or accessory. Screwfix, UK’s largest multi-channel trade tool and hardware retailer, even has a free next day delivery provision that brings your order to the doorstep as long as you measure up to the selling criteria. In light of that, here are the essential power tools that you need to have immediately:

Grass Trimmer

When it comes to grass trimmers, choose a powerful one that’s light and cordless. Other important aspects to consider are the length and the roughness of the garden’s vegetation, as well as how easy it is for the trimmer to cut through it vertically and horizontally. That way, it will result in an even cut along the fence lines and the lawn edges.


This bulky power tool gets the job done in terms of chopping and crushing plant materials. Just make sure to invest on a quick and quiet shredder so you won’t have nightmares about the reverberating buzz it leaves in your ears.

Pressure Washer

The price of a decent pressure washer may be steep, but the long-term benefits it brings compensate the price. With enough force, you can remove mould, grime, and almost all kinds of dirt using only 50% of water compared to a regular garden hose – an environment-friendly option, indeed.


A low-dust sweeper does wonders to your home, especially if you’ve had enough with constantly brushing debris and leaves outside your home. Invest on a sweeper that’s powerful yet efficient enough to clean every nook and cranny. Also look for one that can pick up different kinds of rubbishes from fine soil to wet leaves.

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Blog Posted: 28th January 2016


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