The Nissan Qashqai and 4×4 Maintenance


Whether you are a huge fan of Nissan 4×4’s or just a larger car in general, the new Qashqai is a brilliant model to upgrade to. When we see people shopping for 4×4’s you would usually expect a family to be following as you all hop in and ride away in your new car comforts. However, it could said that new sales in 4×4’s are attracting younger individual car buyers with many 4×4’s now on the road. This article will look at the reasons why you stick by your 4×4, including upgrade tips and maintenance advice too.

Service Schedule

4×4’s are, typically, put under greater strain than most other types of vehicle. This means that it is vital that you carefully stick to the service schedule and make any important repairs immediately. This will keep car road ready and increase the lifespan.


As with any type of car, it is vital that you look after the engine as this is the beating heart of the car. Regularly check the fluids and change any filters on a regular schedule (or when notified by a warning light).


The tyres on a 4×4 can take quite a beating and this is why they should be cared for. Check the tyre treads for signs of damage and also check the tyre air pressure on a regular basis. Replace any damaged tyres immediately to avoid further damage and unsafe driving.


The suspension plays a crucial part in the vehicle’s off-road ability. Regularly lubricate the chassis on the undercarriage and particularly around joints where the tyres tie to the steering.


One of the best ways to maintain a 4×4 is drive carefully. Even these robust vehicles have limitations, so drive carefully, respect other road users and always avoid unsafe conditions.


If you are looking to upgrade, or purchase your first 4×4, the Qashqai is a fantastic choice. This highly rated 4×4 has quickly become one of the best-selling vehicles in the UK and one which is hugely practical, comfortable and enjoyable to drive. It can be found for affordable prices in the used car market and especially from reputable second-hand dealerships like Motorpoint.

4×4’s are hugely popular in the UK right now with many different types of motorists. The Qashqai is a superb choice for those looking to enter the market or upgrade their current vehicle, but it is important that these automobiles are cared for and regularly maintained.



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