How Do You Close a Patio Umbrella from Garden Treasures?


When it comes to patio umbrellas, garden treasures boasts of the best in its class. From market umbrellas, cantilever Umbrellas to Shanghai umbrellas, you will not go wrong with Garden Treasures. The umbrellas are unique and a sight for sore eyes.

However, for them to continue to serve you longer proper storage is a must. For proper storage, the first step is properly closing the umbrella. Did you know that proper closing of your patio umbrella extends its lifetime? Well, now you know.

So, let’s begin.

First and foremost, you must ensure that your umbrella is placed in a stable position. This will prevent the possibility of the umbrella tipping over and cause an injury to you. It will also ensure that the umbrella does not get damaged by falling over.

Next, ensure that the umbrella canopy is placed in an upright position.

Tilt patio umbrellas

For the Tilt patio umbrellas, you will have to ensure that the umbrella is tilted back into a straight upright position.

For the Automated tilt umbrella, rotate the umbrella crank handle in an anticlockwise direction. This will, in turn, cause the umbrella to tilt until it stands horizontally upright. You will then continue turning the crank handle in the same direction until the umbrella is completely folded into the stand.

Of importance to note is that you should take care not to turn the handle too tightly after the umbrella has been completely folded as this may cause difficulties when trying to re-open the umbrella. It may also cause damage to the umbrella.

Manual tilt or push button umbrella, fully push the button inwards. This will release the lock on the frame. Then gently tilt back the umbrella into an upright position.

Rotating offset umbrellas

The rotating offset umbrella functions with a similar mechanism compared to the Automated tilt umbrella. All you have to do is use the crank handle to close the umbrella. Similarly, rotate the handle in an anti-clockwise direction until the umbrella canopy is fully shut.

Cantilever Umbrellas

For this kind of umbrella, you will also use a crank handle to retract the umbrella arm. By using the crank handle in socket B rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction until umbrella is fully folded. Then remove the crank handle and place it in the


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