How you can be more sustainable with plastic


There has been growing concern over single use plastics and their impact on our environment – but did you know there are ways that you can do your bit for the planet, whilst still using plastic?

Plastic has certainly become a taboo word over recent years as we move towards a “zero waste” lifestyle. However, there are ways we can still benefit from the versatility of plastic, whilst remaining eco-friendly – but where do you start?

Measom Freer specialise in the production and manufacturing of recyclable plastic containers, bottles, measuring scoops and bottle caps. Their selection of products is vast, and they also offer the option to customise products for that extra element of quality. But – what’s most important here is that Measom Freer do all of this whilst keeping their environmental impact at the forefront of their business strategy.

Designed for multi-use, the plastic containers produced by Measom Freer can be utilised in a number of ways to help you stay organised, but also to help you reduce your dependence on single use plastics. So, how can you benefit from the plastic bottles and containers that companies like Measom Freer supply?

Ways to use multi-use plastics for a sustainable lifestyle

There are a number of ways we can utilise multiuse plastic to become more eco-friendly – not least by doing away with things such as plastic bags and single use plastic bottles, but how exactly can you get the most out of your plastic?

  • Reusable plastic containers can be used in super markets and stores to hold produce rather than using single use plastic bags and wrapping.
  • Decant products into reusable plastic bottles like the Europa bottle to travel with, meaning that you don’t need to buy another single use bottle for your trip and can simply wash it out and use it for something else when you’re done!
  • Store and display food safely without the use of plastic food bags
  • Organise and store everything from the smallest and most delicate items to the biggest and bulkiest

If you’re on the hunt for some multi-use plastic containers and bottles, Measom Freer are a great place to start! All of their produce is made using recyclable thermoplastic, working hard to adhere to industry standards at all times. Find out more about their ethical focus and stock up on some plastic storage that can last a lifetime.


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