How to change blades in a Stanley Carpet knife


How to change blades in a Stanley Carpet knife


Stanley is one of the largest tool manufacturers in the country, and Stanley carpet knifes are a favourite in the flooring industry. If you’re a new owner of a Stanley carpet knife, you may be confused about how to change the blade. Stanley makes knives with professional installers in mind, and carpet knife blades are quick and simple to change. These are important features for professionals, as a quick blade change means less work time lost.

Step One

Locate the large screw on the side of the knife.

Step Two

Turn the screw counterclockwise. Some Stanley carpet knives have a built-in ring with which to turn the screw; others have large slotted screws that can be turned with a coin or any hard, thin tool.

Step Three

Lift the side off the knife. You will see the dull blade at the top of the knife and new blades stored lower in the handle.

Step Four

Pull out the used dull blade by lifting it off the two pegs that are centred in the blade's slot, taking care to wrap the blade in a scrap of paper before discarding.

Step Five

Place a fresh blade onto the pegs, pressing firmly to ensure the blade is seated.

Step Six

Replace the cover of the knife and turn the screw tightly into place.


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