Hot Tub vs. Portable Spa Pool: What’s the difference?


Taking a dip in a hot tub or spa pool is a great way to relieve oneself from stress and fatigue brought about by daily duties. It is also a great way to ease back pain, muscle tension or other medical conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. The therapeutic effects of a hydro-massage offered by a hot tub or a spa pool is definitely beneficial. There are also other hydro-therapeutic options such as a Jacuzzi, but it is best to look at hot tubs or spa pools closely for the time being.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are typically small pools full of heated water. These are usually round, wooden tanks with built-in jets that provide a hydro-massage. Nowadays, inflatable hot tubs are already available, thereby, owning one is already more convenient. Inflatable hot tubs, however, are recommended to be used only during summer so if you prefer to use a hot tub all throughout the year, it is best to invest in a hot tub with a hard shell. Consider also where you want to use the hot tub because both indoor and outdoor use have both its own advantages and disadvantages. Using one indoors would mean slippery and wet floors while using one outdoors mean falling leaves and other elements.

Hot Tubs and Spa Pools in Comparison

Both hot tubs and spa pools can be stand alone, or part of a swimming pool. These can be used indoors or outdoors, but a periodic maintenance and cleaning of its filters and interiors is necessary for hygienic purposes.

Hot tubs are typically positioned above the ground and this is the main difference between a hot tub and a spa pool. Spa pools on the other hand, are typically built into the ground. Hot tubs can be moved around if needed, especially for maintenance and cleaning, but spa pools need to be cleaned in a very similar manner as cleaning a typical pool because these are usually immovable. Even if both can be used indoors or outdoors, hot tubs are most popularly used and positioned outdoors, on a deck or patio, while spa pools are typically integrated in indoor pools. Hot tubs also offer more ergonomic seating positions that are comfortable for various body types and sizes. Spa pools on the other hand only have built-in benches, making it difficult to find a comfortable position for a hydro-massage. Hot tubs are usually made from non-abrasive materials that do not ruin your swimsuit fabric. Conversely, spa pools are usually made of concrete and textured surfaces. Finally, you do not need to wait for a hot tub to be warm, you can take a dip immediately, unlike in a spa pool wherein you need to wait for the water to heat up to your desired temperature before use.

Portable Spa Pools

It takes minimum effort to set up portable spa pools because these can be placed in your deck or patio, or even in your basement as long as sufficient space permits. The ergonomic seating permits a hydro-massage that is offered by a spa pool, which is a great way to get relief from certain medical problems such as arthritis or back pain. It offers a convenient and fun way to relax and unwind. Hard-shell spa pools typically last longer than inflatable spa pools, but both can offer the same therapeutic benefits.

Hot Tubs and Portable Spa Pools in Comparison

Hence, there is not much of a difference between a hot tub and a portable spa pool because a portable spa pool is also positioned above the ground. Both hot tubs and portable spa pools are movable, and can be conveniently located based on the owner’s preference. Both also offer the benefit and comfort of a soothing water massage, with a minimal energy usage. Depending on the specific brand and type of hot tub or portable spa pool, different configurations can be set up to provide various hydro-massage options with heat therapy. The therapeutic benefits of heated water is one of the reasons why hot tubs and portable spa pools are very popular in countries that experience cold climates such as New Zealand. The ergonomic seating options of hot tubs and portable spa pools likewise depend on their brand, and you may come across Hot Spring Spas – best hot tubs in NZ, which offer some of the best hot tubs and portable spa pools that provide a seating suitable for a hydro-massage. An ergonomic seating option that can accommodate a number of people aided this brand in gaining popularity. Finally, most hot tubs and portable spa pools are made of acrylic and non-abrasive materials. Some hot tubs have wooden frames while there are already inflatable spa pools made from rubber.

Perhaps, it is more appropriate to differentiate between custom-built or portable hot tubs and spa pools. The portable types are usually less expensive than the custom-built types because of the materials these are made from. These vary in sizes from small one to large ones with some even accommodating up to eight individuals. The smaller ones offer a more intimate experience for two people. Nonetheless, both custom-built and portable types can offer therapeutic massage benefits and induce complete relaxation, while paving the way for a great quality time and bonding.

In deciding which is perfect for you, consider your needs in terms of the hydro-massage you prefer. Also consider the other features that are likely important for you such as seating, lighting, water enhancements or entertainment options. Finally, consider your budget and the tub or the pool’s upkeep because the perfect hot tub or a portable spa pool for you don’t need to empty your pockets, and you don’t need to spend all day in cleaning and maintaining it.

Final Word

Overall, you can choose between a hot tub and a portable spa pool and find that instead of differences, the two are actually much more similar. Both offer many health benefits with stress relief topping the list. Both also induce relaxation and calming thoughts that aids in a complete rest. Taking a dip in a hot tub or spa pool is also a great way to spend quality time together with the people who matter the most. Bask under the sun or watch the night sky, and indulge in a private retreat together.



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