4 Things To Consider When Leaving Your Car For An International Trip


Visa? Check. Passport? Check. Luggage? Check. All is clear for takeoff! Well, almost all clear. You forgot about your car and where to leave it!

Unreasonable travel hours and lots of luggage are just a couple of reasons why you might need to drive yourself to the airport instead of hitching a ride or using a cab. This means having to park your car either at the airport or in a nearby public parking lot.

Leaving your car in  an overnight parking lot takes planning, so take these four points into consideration for worry free travel. 

How long will you be away?

That’s the first thing to ask yourself, because the duration of your trip is going to play a big role. Leaving your car at the airport is always an option, yet often an expensive one. For most people, they’re better off parking their car in an off-airport parking lot. These lots can be up to half the price of a -airport lot.


This should be a no-brainer, but because major and even smaller airports have their garages often packed, private parking lots pop up all the time. But you want to choose a reputable provider, compare them, and read reviews about them. This isn’t when cheaper is better. Be wary of offers that sound too good.

Reserve in advance

There is no guarantee that you will find the space you need when you reserve on short-notice. This is especially true during high season travel and in busy airports. Fort Lauderdale is one of the busiest airports in Florida, and finding good parking spots there can be a hassle, but you can use services such as valet or self park fll, to reserve your parking spot and check prices in advance.  You can probably find good deals the earlier you reserve. Also, the longer you will need a parking space, the better the deal in many cases.  Ideally, you should reserve at least a week in advance, but anytime earlier than that is even better.

Shuttle vs. Valet

Parking lots may give you a choice between shuttle or valet parking. It might be better to opt for shuttle parking if you don’t like to have other people drive your car. Once you park, a shuttle bus will take you and your luggage to the terminal. In most cases, your keys will be left with the parking lot provider in a safe because while you’re away, sometimes cars moved to a different space, for one reason or another. This is different than having a valet park it for you where you drive yourself to the departure terminal, and then hand in your keys to the parking attendants. Valet parking is always more expensive than self-parking, which most people find much more affordable and convenient.

You think you’ll be saving some money by leaving your car in any public parking lot, but you’ll find out very quickly that a stolen or damaged car can be a lot more expensive than your trip! Anytime we travel, we want to relax and enjoy ourselves. You can’t do that if you remain worried about your car. Thankfully, there are reputable parking lot providers who can ensure your car’s safety while you are away.


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