Benefits of Adding Comments in a PDF Document


PDF is a document format that is universally recognized due to its ability to be readable on any software or hardware. This format can be viewed and edited by anyone who gets access to it. To create or edit a PDF document, there are several things you can do which include, inserting audio and video, drawing images, receiving signatures, securing with passwords, adding annotations, and so on.

A useful feature for editing a PDF document is adding annotations. Commenting in a PDF file can be done in many productive ways and is beneficial for reviewing or rereading a document.

In this article, we’ve explained how adding annotating in a PDF can benefit you in various situations.

Provide feedback

A PDF file can be edited for adding comments that can give feedback on the written article or a service or product enlisted in it. Annotations can be added on candidate resume to send it them back as this can save their time from creating dozens of emails to forward to every applicant. People in business can add comments in reports and files and send them to the desired party to get them edited or reviewed.

Keep Notes

Like with physical documents, notes can be also be added in a digital document to view later. This note can remind you later of what is to be done the file. You can use this feature to add sticky notes in documents containing recipes, school homework, office work, or guides. A note added in a PDF document can serve as guidance for future readers as well.

Proofread Documents

Often reading a document written by someone can leave you with several mistakes that need to be edited by them. Telling them about their mistakes and how to mend them in an email can be a time taking process. But with PDFs, you can annotate the chosen document to add comments of proofreading to send to the writer. They can use it to understand and fix the piece of content you want them to and send it back as the same file.

Discuss Content

Often there is a need to discuss a written content to make modifications to it by a group of people. This task can be difficult to achieve by emailing the file or by using a format apart from PDF. As with other formats there is a chance of the document showing distorted to the receiver. While adding comments in PDF document, you can hold a conversation with your peers from work or school and solve a problem collectively that is difficult to do by yourself.

Make it Look Attractive

Programs such as sodapdf allow you to add comments in various shapes and sticky notes. They enhance your document to look informative and eye-catching. In a report or an article, you can add different drawings including arrows for explaining a point, including tips or fun facts. This will not only make your document look well-groomed, but it will help the reader become informed about different aspects of the document.

Clarify Important Points with Audio Notes

Other than adding written comments, with a PDF format, you can also include audio notes to clarify points that are hard to understand by reading. You can insert additional information while preparing a presentation as it will provide the audience with better understanding of your project and bring creativity to it.


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