Main Causes of Drain Blockage


Blocked drains can be irritating, but once identified on time, they can be fixed with relative ease, thereby avoiding serious damages which could arise as a result of severe leaks, overflows or electrical damage. The first step to prevent this from happening, again and again, is to identify the causes of drain blockage and how to avoid them. Below are the leading causes of blocked drains. In case if you cannot solve it yourself, you can call emergency plumber.

  • Grease and Fat

Cooking grease and fats are the leading causes of drain blockage. Foods rich in fats when washed down the sinks are likely to stick on the pipes since they are sticky and clog the drain to the extent that no liquid will pass through.

To do away with such a problem, you need to be on the lookout about the liquids you wash away down the drain to ensure there is no possibility of blockage.

  • Toiletries

Toiletries such as toilet paper and baby products are known to cause drain blockage more often. Though toilet papers designed in such a way that they can be flushed down the drain, it’s good to do it in controllable levels. When used in excess, the papers can stick together and buildup thereby blocking the drain.

Additionally, baby products such as nappies should not be flushed down the drain. When flushed, they are likely to attach themselves on the drain pipes and act as an obstruction leading to a blockage.

  • Hair

To prevent the buildup of excessive hair, it’s necessary to check your plughole from time to time and get rid of the hairs present so that there will be no room for hair buildup. You can also acquire various products available in the market, which can filter hairs and prevent them from getting into drain pipes. If you’re looking to learn more about how to prevent hair from building up in a drain, we as blocked drains Kent are ready to help guide you. Make us a call, and we will assist where necessary.

  • Roots

Roots from plants and trees can obstruct the pathway of drain pipes leading to a drain blockage. Roots tend to protrude as the tree grows, and that’s why it’s essential to have this in mind whenever you’re planting trees in your garden. The strength of the roots tends to vary among the trees, and some can coincide with the drain pipes on the ground leading to blockage.

To do away with this problem, you will need to replace the damaged pipe with a new one. You can do the replacement on your own, or you can choose to hire a professional to do the replacement although it will cost you a fortune. To prevent this from happening in future, you need to be keen about the type of trees you plant in your garden. You should be concerned about how big the tree will be in years to come. Ensure there is adequate space separating the drain piping system from the plants.

  • Mineral buildup

Hard water contains dissolved minerals that can buildup and form insoluble substances that can block your drain. If you’re using hard water to flush you can consider setting up a water softener for your home to get rid of dissolved minerals. When left unattended, they can quickly buildup, and you will need to hire a professional plumber in case of drain blockage.

The above are some of the causes of drain blockage and the necessary measures to prevent the drain from getting blocked. Blocked drain Kent can help you to find the cause of your drain blockage and remedy the problem at reasonable rates. Potential customers can contact them for a free quote or advice concerning the blocked drains.


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