If you want dreadlocks, you’ll need to learn how to twist and lock your hair, or you’ll have to find a friend and stylist who can create this look for you. There are several ways to twist and lock hair to create dreadlocks. Some, like back combing, can damage your hair. The twist and lock method is one of the easiest ways to achieve dreadlocks. Additionally, this method can be used on any type of hair, from thick and coarse to fine and silky.

Step One

Section your hair with a rat-tail comb, securing each section at the scalp with a rubber band. Once your locks have set, you can opt to remove the rubber band.

Step Two

Apply a small amount of hair wax to each section. You should not use more wax than the size of your pinky fingernail.

Step Three

Twist one section, using one end of the wide-tooth comb. You can also use your fingers, if you find it is easier to grip the hair. Twist every section in the same direction.

Step Four

Split the twisted section in half. Using your comb, twist the two halves together from the root to the tip. This will begin to create the knots needed for your hair to “lock.”

Step Five

Split the same section in half again, separating the strands in different halves than before. Twist or roll the two halves together.

Step Six

Continue splitting and twisting the section, working down from the root to the tip, until little unknotted hair remains.

Step Seven

Secure the dreadlock with a snag-free rubber band. Once the locks set, you may be able to remove the rubber band, depending on the texture of your hair.

Step Eight

Repeat the process for each section of your hair.

Step Nine

Set the wax and twists using a blow dryer.