How to prepare yourself emotionally before for an operation


How to prepare yourself emotionally before for an operation


When a person is scheduled for surgery there are many preparations that may need to be made. Personal belongings are gathered to take for the hospital stay. But what about mental preparations? It can be useful to mentally prepare for surgery. It may be difficult to get yourself psyched up for the surgery but keeping a positive attitude is the best approach to your impending surgical procedure. Read on to learn how to mentally prepare for surgery.

Step One

Keep a positive attitude. People who are facing surgery undoubtedly experience fear, worry and anxiety. Keeping a positive attitude can help lessen those emotions. Write a few affirmations pertaining to your surgery and repeat them as often as possible. Focus on a positive outcome.

Step Two

Use meditation as an effective tool to mentally prepare for surgery. When meditating focus your thoughts on calmness, relaxation and healing.

Step Three

Talk out your fears and apprehension with a relative or friend. It often helps to express your feelings verbally. Having a loving shoulder to lean on can be very supportive. If you have a spouse you can talk with openly and honestly with him/her about your feelings regarding the surgery. It is very helpful to be able to discuss your fears and worries with someone you love.

Step Four

Rely on your faith. If you are religious put your trust in God and leave the surgery in His hands. Ask family members and friends to pray for you during the surgery and afterwards for a full and speedy recovery. Even if you do not share religious beliefs you can still exercise faith. Have faith in the surgeon's ability as well as your body's ability to heal.

Step Five

Consult with your physician regarding any concerns you have about your health condition or the surgery. He/she can answer any questions you may have and help to alleviate your fears. Your physician will understand your feelings and will be happy to reassure you in any way possible.

Step Six

Surround yourself with loving supportive people. You may feel like keeping your upcoming surgery to yourself but it may actually be best to share the information with friends and co-workers. If they are aware of your health condition and surgery they will no doubt support, encourage you and offer their assistance to help you and/or your family. Knowing that you have people who love and care for you can be the best preparation.

Step Seven

Get informed. Learn everything you can about your health condition and the surgical procedure. Being informed is being prepared.

Step Eight

Talk to others who have had the same surgery. It will help to relieve your fears by talking to those who have already gone through the same process.


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