How can I learn to do the splits


How can I learn to do the splits


Learning how to do splits can be difficult and physically demanding, especially if you have a specific goal. Depending on your starting point, doing splits in a week can be achieved if you concentrate and have the time to dedicate to stretching on a daily basis. Although learning how to do splits can be challenging, there are benefits to the flexibility offered. Stretching has many positive benefits for your overall physical health and, paired with deep breathing, can work to calm anxieties.

Step One

Stretch out your legs for at least 15 minutes. You can do sitting and standing leg stretches such as butterfly, forward leg stretches and toe touches.

Step Two

Kneel upright on the floor. Place your right foot in front of your left knee and lean forward, letting your fingertips touch the floor on both sides of your right foot.

Step Three

Stretch your right leg out forward while your left leg begins to straighten out behind you. Keep your chin pointing toward your right foot and your right kneecap pointing up.

Step Four

Hold this pose for one minute trying to sink your hips as close to the floor as possible.

Step Five

Repeat this pose at least five times for the first two days, allowing your hips to get closer to the floor while straightening your legs.

Step Six

Increase your practice splits to five times in the morning and five times in afternoon or evening for the next four days. Continue to do other leg stretches for 15 minutes prior to practicing your splits.

Step Seven

Continue to practice your splits daily. Practicing splits several times a day should help you achieve a full split within a week. If the progress is slow, add more stretches and splits to your routine.


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