6 Super-Fun Backyard Ideas For Kids


A backyard into your house can be transformed to be the coolest, ultimate fun zone for your children. It is a lifesaver on days when parents are too exhausted to spend the day outside in the park, especially if you have more than one child; keeping an eye on them in parks can be overwhelming. Here are the top 6 super-fun backyard ideas for your kids to enjoy and get occupied with while playing together on stay-in-home days.

1.    Trampoline:

Jumping on a trampoline is so much fun for kids, and adults too. There are different trampoline versions, but it is best to choose an 8ft trampoline with a safety enclosure; it would probably take up all your kids, and could probably hold you as well. The safety enclosure ensures the safety of your kids or anyone else using the trampoline. Some countries ban selling trampolines without enclosures because it can be a life hazard for users.

While your kids see this as a fun playtime activity, there are health benefits to it as well. This helps strengthen their heart muscles, increase oxygen levels in their bodies, and boosts energy levels. Moreover, it helps develop body coordination skills and this keeps them super happy.

2.    Climbing Dome:

This new design concept for a climbing activity for kids is fascinating. Not only will those domes transform your backyard aesthetically, but it will entertain your kids for hours. It is very interesting, colorful, fun, and will help them overcome their fear of heights.

3.    Sand and Water Tables:

No kid doesn’t like water or getting a little messy with sand. Sand and water are considered essential activities for kids all around nurseries and schools. Exposing kids to them will develop their sensory and motor skills. Exploring sand and water will tackle their creativity and focus, and they will play for hours experimenting those materials.

Some homeowners combine sand and water bins in one table, which will drive the kids to another level of happiness because it means they can mix and go messy. Others will choose to separate them and build their own sandbox or buy ready-made ones that include a cover to keep out rain and pests. Either way, just don’t forget the beach toys like shovels, buckets, molds, and trucks.

4.    Gardening Tools:

It’s time for your kids to be gardeners. Studies have shown that gardening can increase your child’s intellectual and motor skills. Thus, many companies started producing small gardening tools, with wooden handles, and they look and work like real tools.

Gardening will teach your kids how vegetables and fruits are planted. They will know more about insects, the cycle of life, and will teach them responsibility and care. Amaze your kids and upgrade their gardening set with those small wheelbarrows. They will use them for other activities too.

5.    Playhouse:

A beautiful outdoor playhouse made of wood can be a big investment. But it will pay off when you find your kids loving it! Imaginative play is considered to be the most creative state your kids get into while playing in playhouses. They are suitable for young toddlers to school-aged kids.

Try to find the big ones that can fit more than one child and also fit a sink and bench. The most favorite features kids love are working doors with working bell, and window shutters. Some include chalkboards to increase your kid’s interest and imagination.

There are plastic and wooden options you can find in the market, yet building one yourself can be more fun for your kids. They can paint it in their favorite colors and maybe adding some flower boxes or a dog house.

6. Swing and Slide

Kids are naturally fearless and thrill-seekers; there is nothing that will provide them those feelings like having a full set of swing and slide in your backyard.

Kids will climb anything to use a slide and experience those thrills. Kids trust slides the most in any playground because they feel that they’re less likely to get injured from a slide unless it wasn’t used properly.

Swings give them thrills too, although some kids are afraid of it at first; eventually, it will be their favorite activity. There are swings with guards and belts which will keep small ones safe and sound while swinging.

Make sure you find well-made, durable, and strong activity sets for your kid’s safety. Don’t be afraid to invest in your backyard; most of those toys and outdoor equipment are made out of wood or metal,  which can stay for years in your backyard if you regularly maintain it. Overall, most kids will love it, and that investment will definitely pay off in hours of super outdoor fun.


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