How to make a pond waterfall


Creating a backyard garden pond with a waterfall is a challenging landscaping project. However, the finished result will add beauty and relaxation to your yard and garden.

Choose a spot for your garden pond and waterfall that gets at least partial sun throughout the day. Use the long garden hose to outline the shape of your planned pond. You may also use rope or string and wooden stakes, but the garden hose is handy and works well. Be sure to purchase enough pond liner to cover the entire pond base.

Dig the pond with a shovel and pick if necessary. Remove any roots far back from the planned inside surface of the garden pond. Dig the pond with a shallow area ideal for marginal plants and a deeper section for submerged plants and to overwinter fish. Also dig a small section outside the pond shape for the waterfall feature. This should be large enough to run a water line and house the pond pump.

Smooth a layer of sand at the bottom of the pond hole and lay the pond liner sub-liner over it. The sand is optional if you have a good, flat dirt surface for the bottom of the pond. These steps help protect the pond liner from damage.

Lay the pond liner into the pond, being sure to leave extra at the top surface for security and leak prevention. Flatten it out as much as possible and fold any corners or curves neatly. Secure the outside top liner edges with flat landscaping rocks or other materials such as pavers or treated lumber.

Place the pond filter in the bottom of the pond and attach a flexible tube to it. Run this tube to the pond pump that is positioned in the area where you will have the waterfall feature. Attach another flexible water tube to the pond pump. Create a natural-looking protective berm of landscaping rocks to hide the pond pump while still allowing access to it for maintenance.

Position the tube coming from the pond pump upward through the landscaping rocks. Lay the end horizontally on top of the edge of a wide, flat rock that is angled slightly downward toward the pond itself. This rock should overhang the edge of the pond slightly as well. This is where the waterfall water will come from. Position the rocks for the most natural and pleasing look.

Position any pond plants in the pond directly on the pond liner or on rocks or risers to put them at the correct water depth. Fill the pond with water from the garden hose. Follow manufacturer's directions to prime the pond pump and then turn it on. Enjoy your garden pond with waterfall feature for many years to come.


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