How to Give Your Home an Annual Inspection


How to Give Your Home an Annual Inspection


An annual inspection of your home is important because it will give you a clear picture of your property’s overall “health” and help you find problems before they escalate and become major issues. After all, finding problems early on will likely result in being able to save money and time on repairs, whereas problems that are allowed to become major issues will cost you more.

What does it take to give your home a thorough annual inspection? Continue reading to learn more.

Examine the Exterior

One of the first things that you should do during your annual inspection is check the exterior of your home to make sure everything is strong and secure. Look for any cracks in your concrete or asphalt along your sidewalk, pathways, and driveway, as these can allow water and ice to wreak havoc during the winter, and they’re also tripping hazards. Concrete inspections by professionals can help you locate problems that you can’t see.

Take a look at your deck or porch and make sure the ceiling isn’t sagging and that the rails and boards aren’t loose. Look over any fencing and walls as well to make sure everything is securely in place.

To maintain the appearance of your home, look for stains along the siding, as well as insect nests that could be dangerous and cause damage.

Check Your Plumbing

Another area of your home that may need maintenance is your plumbing, so be sure to check for any signs of leaks in places where your pipes run through your foundation or walls, and also examine exposed pipes closely.

You should also look for any indication that corrosion is occurring. Symptoms are green stains surrounding copper and brass fittings and valves. This could lead to leaks, so getting it fixed will prevent issues before they occur.

Check your toilet tanks for any missing or worn out parts, and check the interior of the burner chamber on your water heater for any rust. The flame on your water heater should be blue without any yellow, as yellow could indicate an issue with the gas-air mix or the presence of soot.

Scan Electrical Components

Maintaining the integrity of your electrical components will prevent fires and electrocution. If you have trees around your home, make sure their branches aren’t getting in the way of any wires. You should also look inside your home by examining outlets for any scorch marks that could indicate sparking or loose wires. Make sure all of your outlets work, fix loose outlet covers and boxes, and open the electrical panel to check for scorch marks surrounding fuses or breakers.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Looking Like New

When it comes to your doors and windows, you should check the weather stripping for wear and tear. Also, examine the windows themselves for cracks, and open and close the windows to ensure smooth operation.

Once you get the hang of annually inspecting your home, you should find that you’re able to address problems before they escalate, and this could save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run.

Blog Uploaded: 5th June 2015


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