Artificial Grass Makes Your Home Look Perfect All Year Round


Artificial Grass Makes Your Home Look Perfect All Year Round


Artificial grass has come a long way from the days when market traders used it to show their wares. The old thread bare green matting piled high with rosy red apples now seems like a distant memory. Nowadays artificial grass is practically indistinguishable from the real thing, and is a luxurious addition to any home. Why use artificial grass when you can have the real thing? Here are a few reasons why mowing will soon become a thing of the past.

Banish Muddy Paws

Anyone with pets will tell you that one of the ‘pet hates’ that comes with canine ownership is the dreaded muddy paws. Picture this: you’ve just cleaned the kitchen floor, or shampooed the lounge carpet, when ‘Fido’ comes bounding in after having a soothing mud bath. Sound familiar? You only let them out for a quick toilet break and you’d think they’d brought half the countryside in with them!

Change your doggy bedraggled lawn for an artificial one and banish muddy paws. Toilet breaks aren’t a problem either, with cleaning up being easy and urine soaking naturally away.

Play Safe and Clean

An artificial lawn is also a great addition when you have a young family. Fresh air is good for them, it gets them out from under your feet and away from spending too much time in a computer induced trance (especially as the teenage years approach.)

You can be sure the football pitch that’s now appeared won’t be leaving bare patches from penalty practice, and be reassured the risk of hurting themselves on artificial grass is reduced due its soft and even nature.

Roof Terrace with a Difference

If you don’t own a garden but are lucky enough to own a roof terrace, or even just a balcony, then why not add a touch of luxury. What better way to enjoy the summer months than sitting out, enjoying a cool drink on your own patch of countryside. Add a few planters and you might forget that you could be several floors up.

Hassle Free Gardening

If you’re still not convinced that fake grass is for you, then think about the following. How many times do you have to mow the lawn? How many times do you intend to mow the lawn but can’t as it’s just rained? Or even, how many times do you look out of the window and just can’t be bothered? Even more so if you’ve just had a hard day at work and are tired. Do any, or any of these things sound familiar? If you don’t have the time and can’t afford a gardener, then fake grass is the perfect solution. What’s more, you can be guaranteed that the local dandelion population won’t be popping up anytime soon.

So if you’ve just moved into a home with a tired garden, or you are getting to the time of life when gardening is taking its toll then it’s well worth exploring the possibilities of investing in an artificial lawn. Not only will it look great, but it will look perfect all year round.

Blog Posted: 4th April 2016


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