Top 5 Wacky Ways to Predict Your Baby’s Gender before a Doctor Does


After missing your menses a couple of months ago and started having the crazy and dreaded hormonal imbalance, you knew that you are about to become a new mother. Motherhood is a journey, and it starts the moment you experience your first-morning sickness. As unpleasant as it might sound, it is the most beautiful thing. If you are a new mother, it will be fascinating for you. Every aspect of it: including wearing maternity clothes!

You cannot wait to find out the gender of your babies, start hosting Kids Parties for him/her, and finally get to do every other thing that mothers do for their babies. The gender of the baby is quite a hot topic. Why? Not that it is the basis of choosing a name. Finding a name for your baby is usually a sport: especially if you are doing it in the last minute. Knowing the gender of your kid will give you time to focus on finding one name. The other thing is curious. Curiosity will not let you wait until the D day for you to know the gender. Besides everyone will be all over you asking whether it is a boy or a girl. If you want to predict the gender of your unborn even before you go for an ultrasound scan, here are a few tips. 

  1. Cravings

Watch out for the cravings. There is a lot of information you can get from them. The most important of them being the gender of your child. Cravings are caused by a hormonal imbalance during pregnancy. The types of foods you are craving for will help you guess the gender of your baby. It is simple. If you are craving for sweet and sugary foods, then the chance is high that it will be a girl. If you are craving salty foods, then you might be expecting a boy.

  1. Bump position

The bump position is also a good indicator of your child’s gender. Low bumps often result in baby boys while on the other hand, a high one brings forth a bouncing baby girl.

  1. Heartbeat rate

Start paying attention to the heartbeat rate of your baby as per the Doppler test. A heartbeat of above 140 bpm indicates a baby girl. Anything lower than that could be a boy!

  1. Breakouts

Everyone wants a flawless and smooth face: during pregnancy is also no exception! However, there is a bright side to it. Breakouts at this time might be passing you a message. It is believed that if a woman experiences a breakout during pregnancy, there is a good chance that she is expecting a girl!

  1. Ring test

If you have your wedding ring, how about you try this. It may sound insane at first, but the experiment has worked for some mothers. Now, tie the ring with a string and suspend it above your bump and monitor its movement. If it is a back and forth movement, that indicates a girl is on the way. If it is moving in circles, expect a boy.

The wacky predictions above have proved to work for many mothers. You could try to them and prove them right at the end!



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