How to keep your wallet thin?


Perhaps, you are looking at your bulky wallet and wondering how you allowed it to come that far. Slim wallets look beautiful, but most of them lose their slimness after a short time because the users continue adding more and more items, including those that they do not need in life. Moreover, people hate subtracting items from their wallets. A huge wallet is not a sign of wealth. Instead, it causes many problems such as low back pain. Get a Kinzd slim wallet, and keep it slim. If you still want to keep your old wallet, here is how you should slim it.

Items to remove immediately

The social security card 
By leaving your social security card in your office or at home, you will be protecting your identity. Memorize the number and keep the card where you place your birth certificate or passport. Do the same for IDs that you do not need daily.

Passwords and PINs
If it is hard to memorize your ATM PIN or passwords, do not write them down on a paper and place them in the wallet. You would have many problems if the wallet landed on the wrong hands. Save the passwords and PINs in your phone and set a strong password.

Gift cards 
Anyone can use your gift cards if he/she found them because they are usually unprotected. So, keep them in a good place in your bedroom. By carrying them, you will end up spending more money or do unnecessary shopping.

Pull out all receipts from your wallet in the evening. You do not have to carry them, particularly if they have your signature or personal details. A thieve would use the information if you lost the wallet.

Items that you might keep 

List of current medications 
A list of your medication will come in handy in the event you need urgent care. However, if the list cannot provide adequate information to the person giving the care, you will have to leave it at home.

Health insurance cards 
If your health insurance card does not include your Social Security number or any sensitive information, you can make it an everyday carry item. Otherwise, leave it at home, because you will still get emergency care when necessary.

Punch cards
These distant cousins of the reward cards – buy nine to get the tenth one free of charge – are likely to clutter your wallet. Keep them in your wallet if they can help you reduce your day’s spending. Otherwise, throw them away.

Reward program cards 
The purpose of reward cards is to promote sales and to make people spend more. If the cards can help you reduce your spending, you should carry them. Otherwise, remove them from your wallet.

Items to keep

Emergency cash
We are already in the digital age but you should still carry some bills in addition to the plastic cards. Limit the money to an amount that will be enough for your daily purchases.

A few credit cards
One or two credit cards and one debit card will be enough. A large number of cards would result in more damages if the wallet landed on the wrong hands. Leave the other cards at home or in your car.

Your ID 
Remember to carry the valid ID solely. Other IDs will make the wallet look cluttered.


By carrying only a few items, you will reduce the potential security risks, spend less and keep your wallet looking clean and neat. Moreover, you will be able to avoid back pain problems and the wallet will last for a long time.

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