How to Choose the Correct Towbar Wiring Kit


Towbar wiring kits come with many options as you may have found when needing to buy one. From low cost universal kits to the more expensive dedicated towbar plug in wiring kits.

Determine what the main purpose for your towbar will be; i.e. will you be towing a caravan or just a trailer to move items.

Decide on your towbar. Once you are happy that you know all the things your towbar will be used for you can make an informed decision as to what wiring kit you need.

Know about the different types. Universal electrics kits usually require that you cut into the vehicles electrics.( If you feel this is beyond you, PLEASE CONTACT A TOWBAR FITTER, as you could potentially write your vehicle off) Single electrics or 12N electrics are used for towing trailers and for use with cycle carriers to power the cycle carrier lighting board which is needed if the cycles or carrier obstructs the view of the car rear lamps. Some newer vehicles may need a universal bypass relay fitted. N Usages outlined Trailers without Leisure batteries Boat trailers Cycle carriers As a fly lead on clip on cycle carriers N diagram 12S electrics commonly referred to as the twin electrics socket and has a grey cover are used in conjunction with the 12N socket when towing caravans, trailer tents and alike. The 12S electrics are used to charge the leisure battery, the charge for this is taken from the towing vehicle charging system via an automatic split charging relay so that both leisure battery and vehicle battery have sufficient power. The 12S socket also contains a power feed for the reversing lights on the caravan. S usages outlined Caravans with a leisure battery. Trailer tents with a leisure battery. Catering trailers with a leisure battery. S wiring diagram 13 pin towing sockets are the newest style of towing socket and as of September 2008 all caravans manufactured will be wired up with 13 pin plugs that meet ISO11446 ( international standards organisation ) and the U.K. representative B.S.I. ( British standards institute ) requirements. The 13 pin socket is also more adaptable for detachable tow-bars that have a spring mounting single socket plate that can be folded up behind the bumper so that it is invisible. If your car has a 13 pin socket and your caravan has 2 x 7 pin towing plugs (12N + 12S) you can purchase a conversion lead MP603 from us to allow you to tow. If your caravan has a 13 pin plug but your car has 2 x 7 pin sockets (12N + 12S) you can purchase conversion lead TF1360 to allow you to tow.


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